Our precast systems provide a better environmental advantage compared to conventional construction methods. By preparing and casting all our products at casting yards, we can better monitor and control the quality of our products, while as the same time reducing the amount of pollution, be it water, air, or noise. Instead of pouring concrete on-site or breaking now concrete slabs when errors need to be corrected, with precast, the dust particles from these activities are reduced to a minimum as we precast these products and are able to observe while guaranteeing its quality before being sent to be installed on-site. And unlike traditional construction procedures, with precast, we can avoid the hassle of constantly requiring heavy vehicles to move concrete modules around, and only use them to deliver what's required to sites. Furthermore, by casting the slabs away from the sites, noise pollution levels are further reduced because there will be less concrete mixing and casting on-site.


And with our signature IBS system, the usage of timber forms is significantly reduced and replaced with steel molds to cast. These molds are completely reusable and can contribute towards a lower waste of materials.


With this, we can contribute to meeting more criteria for the GBI or (SG equivalent) and help further increase your rating standard.