Creative provide specialist precast project services and manufacturing for both infrastructure and building projects.
Creative core expertise and focus is in the design and build solution for Industrialized Building System (IBS) and special structures and in the manufacturing of segmental box girder (SBG), tunnel lining segment and special structures.


Our Services :

Manufacture and Supply of
IBS Precast Concrete Product
Specialized on Precast Concrete Contractor Specialized Design and Build Solution For
IBS Superstructure Using SPB System™
Mass Housing Development Planning,
Design and Build Solution
Production Consulting Services




The SPB System™(Simplified Precast Building System) simplify the construction of IBS project. It can cater for the various types of building as stated above by way of picking and configuring the required few types of precast concrete component from a standard pool of precast component to form the basic 5 types of IBS module.

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The production of precast segmental box girder (SBG) require knowledge of match casting technologies, high performance concrete, alignment control, heavy lifting and heavy product manoeuvring, smart scheduling and stringent QA/QC control.

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The production of precast tunnel lining segment require knowledge in high performance concrete, very tight tolerance requirement, intricate handling & storage of the segment, very stringent QA/QC control and smart scheduling.

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Special Structure

Creative's team members has vast experience in various type of precast project and has encountered challenges varying in degree of complexity, special technical requirement, tight schedule, stringent QA/QC and aestetic requirement.

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